Anthousa Helena

LMHC., LMT., D.Div.

MA # 7336 & MH # 5416

Anthousa’s life mission is to heal the illusion of separation and help guide us into Unity Consciousness individually and globally.  The sole purpose of our lives is to discover the Truth of who we are.   Anthousa is the Founder and Developer of “SOLLITE” which utilizes the Light of the Soul for healing and conscious awakening. 

Her goal is to teach, guide, empower and educate people with the tools that are needed for personal healing, self fulfillment and spiritual attainment. 

Integrative  Medicine is a Holistic approach which addresses the physical, energetic, and spiritual realms of a person's whole being to heal the core places which keep us from achieving our fulfillment and liberation.  She is a exceptional healer with an expertise in various modalities that aid her clients on the journey they take together to Self Discovery.

She has been a Holistic Health Educator and Medical Consultant in the field of Integrative Medicine for 37 years.   Anthousa is an Ordained Minister who is both Nationally Board Certified and State licensed as a Mental Health Counselor and Massage Therapist.  She has a Doctorate in Divinity specialized in Spiritual Life Coach Counseling and Energy Psychology.

Ms. Helena is certified in Advanced Visceral Manipulation, Ortho-Bionomy, Advanced CranioSacral Therapy,  Master Energy Healer, Health Minister, Medical Intuitive, Master Sufi Teacher, ChromoTherapeutics Instructor, Esoteric Healing Practitioner, and certified in Medical QiGong.  

She was on the faculty of the programs department at Kripalu Holistic Health Center and is a Certified Yoga Instructor of Kripalu and Bikram Methods. 

Anthousa is available for Phone Consultations, Individual and Group Therapy, Lectures and Seminars.