Healing Therapeutic Applications on a Heart and Soul Level

The Persian mystical poet Rumi said that the only thing in life worth living for was love.  The path of love is the way to find this love which is divided into self, heart, soul and secret is the purification of all impressions, emotions and beliefs that do not originate from the reality of God.

When the soul realizes that its journey is near completion it jumps off the cliff of its own being into the Ocean of the Essence of God.  It is in this dissolving of the self, heart and lower aspects of the soul that we enter into the world of the Divine.  Now one disappears into the love to know oneself as united with the all.

Slowly the soul learns how to bring in all the variant qualities of love, so that it carries everything.  Here one becomes the true healer and realizes one’s true nature.  This realization of one’s self as God is the beginning of one’s journey into the higher realms of cosmic light.

All pain is the separation that occurs because of the closing of our hearts to love, causing disease of the body and mind individually and the slow death of our planet environmentally. Within all the healing I have seen or done, at the core was the absence of love.  In it’s place were pictures which the mind had made, cutting off the connections which love creates to one’s soul and the divine. 

And how can we end the pain and suffering that exists within us?  Healing occurs only when one is first willing to become aware of these pictures and the pain they carry, and then release them through the deep heart of love and soul healing.  This is the true nature of love.  It is beyond the heart and the soul, and lives within the reality of God.

Learn to love in the deep and true way and everything else will find its correct place and its correct understanding.  From here all things can heal, and love can guide the hearts of humanity back to the peace, the unity, and the beauty. 

A transformational process within variant realms of light of becoming a new creation through the layers of the heart and soul and return to unity and service of truth.  You begin to know the truth of who you are and Be that in the World.