SOLLITE is a combination of Cranial Osteopathy known as CranioSacral Therapy;  Spiritual Life Coach Counseling, a combination of Conventional Cognitive/Behavioral Psychotherapy with Energy Psychology and Spiritual Healing utilizing the Light of the Soul;  and Medical QiGong, the energetic element of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The word SOUL came from a Greek word meaning Psyche which was later translated to SOL meaning the Sun. Man's own internal Sun is his illumined Spirit located within his heart which reflects the Light of his own individualized and personal Soul. All illness can be accessed and remedied in the Psyche, the Soul of Man.

Disease comes from us forgetting our own true nature, from becoming separated from Spirit.  Our Ego personality gives us the sense of separateness. The mission of the Soul is healing this illusion of separation and bringing us back to at-one-ment and unity with Spirit. Utilizing color and light therapy helps us raise in consciousness assisting us in dissolving the Ego structure and ultimately ending the illusion of separation thus bringing us back to health.

The human organism is an electrical biosystem consisted of and existent on energy.  Everything is the Universe is composed of energy with its variant frequencies and vibrational fields. Without energy, life would not be possible. All things between the smallest finite subatomic particles to the largest infinity of the cosmos have consciousness composed of energy. The language of this conscious energy is Light, scientists call it photons. Health of the cells is dependent on healthy communication of these light photons, Man is a light being whose biomass is composed of and requires a full color spectrum of light for wellness. 

This century's most far-reaching discovery is that the energy of Light is the principle which underlies all manifestation. Quantum physicists have discovered that all matter is "frozen light". That Light is an actual substance which moves with peculiar styles of vibrational patterns according to the particular color frequencies which compose it. 

Every color has its own individualized unique character traits and potencies. Each molecule can be seen as a tiny quantum oscillator selectively absorbing and radiating light at variant frequencies of color. Colors are like catalysts pushing against energy blockages to growth and health that lodge in our human personality structures, the Psyche. This living energy of light facilitates healing of a physical symptom by working on it at the spiritual and psycho-emotional levels simultaneously.

Your vibrational signature can be molecularly seen in your subtle energy bodies called auric fields. The human aura resonates an electro-chemical emanation which is an exact reflection of the cellular activity within. This is both an interpreter's key to a person's psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual condition and the practical therapy for its resolution. There is no easier way than by homeopathically treating with the energy of light to restore normal balance.

Nature designed the human body to defend and repair itself.  SOLLITE is a completely natural healing method that energizes our inherent reparative processes. As we become more vibrationally sensitive as humans, Light is the medicine of the future. Working with the Light of the Soul unites us with the very core of our Divine Essence.

SOLLITE assists in releasing long term holding patterns to bring balance, health and the ability to be more receptive in our lives, as well as self mastery in our process of spiritual evolution and illumination

In this is found the therapeutic application of consciousness and awakening.