ANTHOUSA HELENA is available for Phone Consultations,

Individual and Group Therapy,

Lectures and Seminars.


There are reasons why problems persist in your life. Using spiritual and energy healing techniques you will be cleared of the underlying energy causes by removing blocks at the core level from the subconscious mind and cellular energy structure.

Over the many years of my counseling and healing work, I have found that it is challenging and nearly impossible for people to clear themselves completely of blocks and limitation and/or to experience the rate of growth they would like.  The sources of some issues are difficult to find let alone clear on your own. 

Anthousa can help you as powerfully over the phone as if you were sitting in the same room with her. As a result you reach higher vibrational frequencies and connection with your Soul which typically makes you feel physically and emotionally lighter and mentally clearer.

My work is not about fixing.  It is not about problems.  It is about reminding us, and in that way catalyzing and guiding us to the place where optimally life becomes self-healing.  Hippocrates,

The Father of Medicine said, “There are natural forces already within us that are our True Healers.

These sessions are progressive in their effects, a series of three to seven at a time is recommended.

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