Awareness is Curative therefore Higher States of Consciousness is key for Optimal Health. SOLLITE integrates the usage of various healing arts and integrative holistic medical techniques to awaken our Soul. It assists in releasing physical, psycho-emotional long term holding patterns to bring balance in our lives. The benefits result in being more receptive to life and self mastery in our spiritual evolution and illumination.

This workshop includes detailed explanation of Energy Anatomy, Sound, Color and Light modalities and CranioSacral osteopathic techniques. The Osteopathic manipulations assist to free up spinal and suture restrictions and allows the receptivity of light to awaken the physical frequency change and vibratory quickening of the Soul to heal.

The Intention

"It is the Soul Alone that heals the form." Alice Bailey

The goal is to help you refine your subtle perception abilities and develop energy healing specialties to assist in clearing programs at a subtle energy and cellular level. To increase your understanding of how subtle energies affect every aspect of your day to day life.

The skills you learn simultaneously uplift the consciousness of both the healer and the client. The degree to which the human energy field is clear, energized, and in balance is the degree a person's life is healthy and fulfilling.

Learn to develop access to these high energy vibrations for spiritual enlightenment and healing power. Eliminate the ego's illusion of separation and create a positive reality with a healthy mind and body.

The training in intuitive counseling and energy healing clears the ego created programs holding you in limitation. Becoming mentally clear and holding higher states of consciousness is essential to being effective as a healer. Learn how to;

. Expand your intuitive abilities                                                              

 . Develop energy healing skills                                                                

. Open etheric vision for remote viewing and distance healing             

 . Release core issues and ego defenses lodged in subtle energy          

bodies, cellular structure and the subconscious mind.


This course is professionally oriented for those interested in various healing arts fields and integrative medicine.

                                                           Registration and Policies

When you register for a class, send any material describing you and your work. List pertinent medical and psychological history. Also include a photo ID with a non-refundable $100 deposit required a minimum of 60 days prior to each class.  If you apply for a class and for any unforeseen reasons cannot attend, you may apply the deposit to another class within 12 months. The full fee for each workshop does not include transportation, housing or meals. All information on this application is strictly confidential.

I have read and understand the provisions and policies described herein.