In addition to traditional Cognitive/Behavioral mainstream psychotherapy, a combination of Heart and Soul Healing and Energy Psychology are incorporated in the style of counseling known as SOLLITE.  Alice Bailey stated, “It is the soul that heals the form;” an ancient word for soul is ‘psyche’ later becoming what we now know as psychology.

Focused on the human being as a soul on a journey honors the understanding that what needs to happen will happen when given an open sacred space the soul’s wisdom will rise to the highest good to heal.  During this transformational process underlying core stuck energy suppressed in the unconscious mind through conditioned patterns is lifted to the surface to be cleared energetically.   Finally new ways of thinking are reprogrammed in the subconscious mind to create the life you desire.

Buddhist teachings profess to fully experience and see clearly what is present.  In other words ‘what you can feel you can heal.‘  Sensing the client’s journey through the heart and specifically identifying areas of limited beliefs and behavior highlights the energetic blockages to be released.  Remember that thoughts are energy forms that stimulate emotional responses and activate behavioral reactions. 

We are what we think.  Learn to release unwanted negative beliefs and step into a positive state of well-being and maximize your innate self-healing ability.  Patients are taught this format and encouraged to work with themselves to simply follow the Light of their Soul, then clear the energy and observe the endless possibilities for change and fulfillment.   


Emotional Problems                                Depression

Adjustment Disorders                              Anxiety

Transformational Growth                         Trauma

Sexual Abuse                                           Addiction

Personality Disorders                              Pain Management

Forgiveness Therapy                              Cognitive Disorders

Relational Issues                                     Stress Management

Spiritual Healing                                      Recovery from Illness     

Self Improvement                                    Broken Heart

Behavioral Modification                           Limiting Beliefs