After being a regular client for over one year, I began telephone work with Anthousa.  The Cranial Sacral telephone sessions have been just as healing and powerful as her hands-on sessions.  Not only does Anthousa heal on the physical level.  Her work heals on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels also.  I encourage anyone to try the telephone sessions and experience the healing!!!


Dear Anthousa,


Wanted to acknowledge the excellent work that you are doing with the energetic sacral-cranial healing techniques.  I have experienced an increase in the range of motion in my neck, arms and legs since you have been working with me energetically for this. My walking strides are longer (like 5 years ago) since you worked with me on this.  I admire your talents, expertise and courage in blending your knowledge and skills to perfect these procedures.  Since experiencing your work in person and by phone, you seem to have gotten better combining it with the energetic healing.  No one should shy away from from getting this work done by phone from you.  I wish you much success with this work and all your endeavors.  You deserve it!





I'm grateful for your amazing healing talents. After just a few remote craniosacral sessions the pain in my neck and shoulders was greatly reduced. Combined with your ability to tune so accurately into my core issues I feel I received much more than regular craniosacral treatments.

I wish I knew sooner that this kind of healing could take place over the phone. Thanks again.



“Anthousa’s work provided a deep and profound release of emotional factors that were impacting my health and healing.  Her use of body/mind/spirit energy work released some long held areas of pain and tension. She is a gifted healer and I highly recommend her work!”

Paula Holland De Long, What’s Next For My Life?

I got connected to Anthousa over 10 years ago, B'H.  She is wonderful, gentle and kind, extremely good at what she does, and humble enough to know that she is a vessel through whom Hashem works.  Our sessions have been in person some of the time and most of the time, over the phone from a variety of places: New York, Florida, Pittsburgh, and now from Israel.  We've done mainly individual sessions; a few times, group sessions with many of my relatives coming together.  Every time was productive for all, B'H!  Besides benefitting a great deal physically, emotionally and spiritually from all of the work,  I have enjoyed the ever growing friendship with Anthousa immensely! 

Rachel Leah

“My experience with Anthousa was enlightening.  It enabled me to acknowledge and release past emotional issues manifested in my body as chronic pain.  Now the pains are gone.”

D’Arcy Ansel, Geologist

“The work I did with Anthousa elevated my state of mind and is the most powerful consciousness expansion I have ever experienced.  It touches the true essence of healing which made a profound and transformational change in my life.  Anthousa's formal education, knowledge and experience in the healing and counseling fields is truly remarkable. I have greatly benefited from her holistic and alternative treatments and wise and spiritual counseling. She is truly a professional and a very caring, dedicated individual. Very few have her impressive credentials.”

Dulce Sabat, Astrologer

“Clients gain insight, awareness and mobility more easily.  Physical and psychological blockages and traumas that used to take years to release occurs in just a few sessions.”

MaryAnn, Psychologist

“I have been in the Health & Healing Field for 30 years and have studied numerous techniques with many Master Teachers.  I honestly came to the training class not expecting to learn much of anything new.  To my surprise I was awakened to a different realm.  After every one of the trainings and/or phone sessions a major shift occurs both externally and internally.  A reality switch seems to be turned on in my awareness and the world is never the same again.  I feel honored to share this work with my patients and deeply grateful to Anthousa for changing my life.”

Sarina Kay, Doctor of Alternative Medicine