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Private Sessions

Conscious Counseling utilizes Therapeutic Applications of Consciousness, based on a Holistic Psychotherapy Model incorporating all the modalities outlined in Conscious Counseling Program and Sollite Integrative Medicine Practitioner Training.

To Heal Means to Make Whole Again.

The sources of core issues are difficult to find let alone clear on your own. We lose compassion for ourselves and others because we have lost our connection to and the ability to Self Love.

These core issues create a Disconnection from your Spirit; Your True Authentic Self; the “Truth of Who You Really Are.”

However, there is Wisdom found within this.

Sollite Integrative Medicine:

Recognizes the root causes of symptoms and disease. A complete system which combines the best of both Medicine and Spirituality. Involves treating the person as a whole (not as segmented symptomatic parts), on the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic, Soul and Spiritual Levels.

Holistic Psychotherapy:

Utilizes Therapeutic Applications of Consciousness (TAC), which reflect the importance of Consciousness needing to be part of the equation. Grounded in scientific research incorporating modalities proven to work effectively on issues causing pain and suffering.

How It Works

We collaborate together to incorporate mainstream health care and complementary integrative modalities that bridge the gap between Medicine, Science and Spirituality.

We will consult together and discuss core underlying issues, then create a customized personal plan using specific modalities to address your needs that fits you best.

Our work is not about fixing. It is about reminding you to remember and guiding you to the place where life becomes self-healing.

Effects of sessions are progressive and cumulative, regularly scheduling makes a difference. A series of three to seven at a time every three or four weeks is optimal.

For deeper commitment to exploration or more challenging concerns, I recommend weekly sessions and suggest the 3 month mentorship.

Appointment Scheduling Inquiry:
Fill out the Contact Form on this page and I’ll get back to you to proceed further.

Fee for Sessions – Payable in advance:

• $200 – single session
• $350 – 2 per month
• $600 – 4 per month
• $2,100 – 3 Month Mentorship Package: 12 weekly sessions for 3 months

Cancellation Policy
There is a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy. You are responsible for the appointment time. If proper cancellation notice is not adhered to; You will be charged for the time.

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Disclaimer: This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. My work is a complement to conventional medicine, it is not a substitute for medical treatment of any kind. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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