The greatest discovery you can ever have is the remembrance of the truth of who you really are. This is your birthright and purpose for being here. We are all on this path together and are here to help each other along the way.


This is My Commitment to You.

Mission:  Heal the Illusion of Separation, Understand Duality and Remember the Truth of Who You Really Are.

Statement:  Suffering is innate to life.  It is inevitable that everyone is affected by some degree.  From a higher perspective, pain is a gift.  It has a message.  It offers us opportunities to Gain Wisdom and Spiritually Evolve.

Trauma:  is the effect of Suffering which in turn creates a Disconnection from your Spirit; the “Truth of Who You Really Are.”  There is Wisdom in Trauma which opens a doorway to Heal the root of our deepest wounds.

The Wound of the Human Soul:  is the central obstacle to realizing our True Nature of Wholeness.  “Healing means to make whole again”.  You can’t have healing without awakening as together they go hand in hand affecting one another. To heal with awareness shifts our consciousness.

Research indicates:  There is usually some suffering from stress, loss, or pain preceding the onset of illness.  Hidden within the subconscious these stresses, repressed traumas, painful emotions, erroneous beliefs, are truly responsible for disease.  It is imperative to find these root causes that eventually manifest into disease.

The natural instinct to survive:  is a mechanism set up to protect us from danger and harm but we do not want to get stuck in this survival mode.  Additionally, our brains are wired to operate in duality; made up of structures that hold beliefs, trauma memories, conditioned behaviors, and emotions.  In addition everyone carries baggage passed down through genetics, ancestral lineage, culture, the collective, our parents and childhood events.  All this hidden havoc causes illness.

Conventional Medicine:  works with the outer expressions of illness. In most cases, this outer care misses the underlying factors which anchor disease in place.

Spiritual Medicine:  addresses the inner dimension of illness. Healing can occur when one identifies and transforms both the inner and outer dimensions of illness together.

Integrative Medicine:  consciously bridges the gap between Medicine and Spirituality, utilizing a Holistic Medical Approach that ensures the highest potential for your most desirable outcome to assist yourself, your clients, and humanity as a whole.

My name is Rev. Dr. Anthousa Helena.

As a Holistic Medical Consultant and Spiritual Life Coach, I assist and guide you in your own Unique Self Discovery Process grounded in Direct Experience to facilitate Healing and Conscious Awakening.

There are no accidents in Life.  You are exactly where you need to be.  I know this because I’ve been right where you are and have realized the perfection of it all.

I am a survivor of cancer, childhood abuse, domestic violence, date rape, heartbreaks, financial challenges, even near-death experiences.  For personal story go to my Amazon Book Author Page.

National Board Certified and State Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Massage Therapist with a Doctorate in Divinity; Specialized in Spiritual and Energy Psychology. (see my complete bio here).

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