by Anthousa Helena

You are a Deity Seeking the Knowledge of All that Is,

Seeking its Self before it is smart enough to stop seeking

and Become The Truth Of Who You Are

What You Are, the Soul Beyond the Human Soul,

Beyond the Greatest, Most Expanded Thought You can Think,

A Concept of Itself by Engaging Itself,

Before Itself, in Front of Itself, Extending Itself.

This Extension, to Contemplate without Thought,

to Express without Action, to Embrace, to Feel, to Smell,

to Exist without Existing. No life, no death.

You have never been born. You have never died.

One Breath – Breathing in Experiences Itself

Breathing out Expresses Itself

The Marriage Union of the Lover and the Beloved One

A Divine Being in a Human Experience of it’s Self -YOU