Video Series

“Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate”
– Carl Jung

Emotions Video Series

Hidden wounds impact the quality of our lives, relationships, our ability to love and be loved.

Life is our medicine. Our living experience will offer us countless opportunities to show us these wounds as part of our Human Condition. How we conduct ourself with this awareness is our choice.

Awaken to that which is being presented to you for you to experience and feel it. Bring Awareness and Non-Judgement to your emotions as they rise up into your conscious mind so you can release them.

Emotion dictates our behavior and affects our health. Our emotions represent our most inner subjective world, hidden often in places buried deep inside regions of our unconscious, and are also stored as imprints in our cellular memory.

Format: Contains 3 separate videos.

Self Love Video Series

Feelings occur for a reason. They have hidden messages we need to listen to. Increasing Self Love with Awareness is Curative.

If we embrace our feelings like a caring parent (our love) tending to a crying child (our fear) then we have enormous potential to positively transform our self, our relationships and our planet.

By offering self-love to our deepest wounds, those hidden aspects within ourselves rise up into our conscious mind release and fall away. Self Care is an Act Reflecting Self Love, it brings us back to a neutral place of peace.

This Self Care Series helps you turn challenging emotions into an opportunity for love, growth and freedom. These gentle tools nurture and support you to experience more self love, be spiritually fed and return you to peace and truth.

Format: Contains 3 separate videos.

Give space to your Emotions,
Self-Care to your Heart and
Nourishment to your Soul.
You deserve it!