It’s Never About the Money

Money situations used to trigger, upset and create conflict for me.  After reacting so many times in my life, it was is time to wake up and know the hidden core cause.  I found out that “It’s Never about the Money”.

Grief in the time of Covid with Dr. Anthousa Helena

Dr. Liz interviews reverend and spiritual healer Anthousa Helena about grief and how to help yourself through it in the time of covid. We discuss: What is Grief Why do we grieve Universal themes of Loss How another’s death can lead to your own life review Tips and Steps to handle grief

How Pain And Suffering Can Be Transformed Into Gifts For Your Soul With Rev. Dr. Anthousa Helena

The soul is talking to everyone all the time consistently. Some of us get disconnected due to a lot of reasons, especially those of us that have had some experience of trauma, whether it is sexual, verbal, physical or the experience of life. For instance, right now is traumatic on people. That makes it more difficult because you lose that connection, the gut feeling, the inner trust and the intuition that you were born with and innately have.

Interview with Dr. Liz Bonet

Medical Intuitive Rev. Dr. Anthousa Helena joins Dr. Liz to talk about people’s innate wisdom and intuition around their own body’s health or illness.

Who Is It That Is Suffering?

I started finding peace through exploring my relationship with pain and suffering.  At first this was through asking why it was so hard for me to resist its pull.

Free the “ME”

Let go of the narrative of your life - all of it - the past, present and future; the stories of what was, is or may be. It is imperative to move on. So be done with your stories and your narratives. In the end all stories have to dissemble themselves anyway.


Have you noticed the things you try over and over again to change about yourself are the hardest to change and most often they never do? Life is tough, it has its challenges, no one escapes them. It is the tumultuous nature of existence.


A spiritual break is a common outcome of trauma. Trauma separates you from your Self and causes a split. Every human being experiences some sense of separation from Higher Self but with traumatic events the human ego disconnects the logical mind from the compassionate heart in order to survive.

We Are Love

One relatively misunderstood spiritual path today is the way of the Sufi. As a longtime journeyer on the path of Sufism, the principles and practices I received in my Sufi context were those of Unity, the loving nature of the Creator, the importance of living a balanced life, the practices of prayer, meditation, and of being in service.

Spirituality & Illness

The underlying condition of illness reflects spiritual conflict. There is a basic element of feeling separated from Self, the Divine, God, the Source, the Perfect One, Higher Self, whatever name or label is given to being connected and in tune with one’s true nature.

The Heart of Listening

Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual distress results from being disconnected with one’s higher self. This work is an alternative path for people who have lost their spiritual way.


The great spiritual author Alan Watts had a wonderful image. He said when a boat goes through the water, it leaves a wake in the water as it passes through. The way we understand things psychologically would be that the wake actually creates the boat, that the past is what creates the present moment. But of course, we know that the wake isn’t creating the boat; the boat is creating the wake. It’s the present moment that is creating the past. The present moment is what’s knifing through the water and the wake is just the recording of the present moment moving farther and farther into the past.


A long time ago I read in my research that darkness is the highest vibration, higher than the light. This notion confused me at the time and kept me questioning the true meaning. Of course, I formulated my own opinion in trying to understand what it meant. Then one day I got a glimpse of understanding on the matter. Years of research and personal experimentation led me to the black light of consciousness.

The Role of Spirituality in Healing

Spirituality is a very important and integral component of health care. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked in modern day medical practice. An individual’s spirituality is at the very cornerstone of health and well-being because it facilitates the holistic integration of mind, body and spirit. A person can and often does have a spiritual dimension to life that is not expressed in or related to religions doctrine.


Beliefs create our reality. They may be your interpretation of who you are or your interpretation of what others think of you. Beliefs are manifested in the conscious and subconscious mind. The mind must be free of certain beliefs before insight can occur. A quality of this insight is that one acquires the ability to live in the present moment and see the ‘whole’, rather than the ‘parts’.


In today’s societies it is fashionable to be in pursuit of enlightenment. There is an incredible amount of diversity available today, and most seekers are scattered not knowing where to look next, but always searching for the missing key. Of course, it is OK to study all the systems you would like. That is your free will, and there is certainly some value to it.

The Mirroring Theory

The “Mirroring Theory” states that what is presented before you is your own reflection. The law of parsimony states that what we create within us is always mirrored outside of us and reflected back to us. As well as the physiological law of paramagnetism states, “you attract to you what you are giving off.”


It is the imbalance of the masculine and the feminine, the masculine attempting to subjugate the feminine, that is creating much of the chaos and imbalance in your world. There is a reason for these two energies in creation. It is not just about your genders. It is not just about your sexual activities, and it is not just about reproduction. It is about forces of creation that come together to create. That is the masculine and the feminine.

Beloved One

You are a Deity Seeking the Knowledge of All that Is, Seeking its Self before it is smart enough to stop seeking and Become The Truth Of Who You Are

Be Who You Are

There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action and because there is only one of you in all time the expression is unique. If you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost. The world will not have it.

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Meet Your Practitioner: Rev. Dr. Anthousa Helena

Hello, I’m Anthosa Helena, the founder and developer of SOLLITE; Integrative Medicine.

I am both a Nationally Board Certified and State Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Massage Therapist with a Doctorate in Divinity; specialized in Spiritual and Energy Psychology.

With 43 years of professional experience , I have facilitated thousands of private clients, groups, lectures, workshops and trained professionals in the field of Integrative Medicine; I have been on radio & television and am a featured published writer/author.

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