During this Unprecedented Pandemic Event
Are you feeling worried, anxious, scared, depressed, struggling or in a dark place?


Throughout history, medicine and religion have been linked.

Illness and suffering leads people to consult both health professionals as well as clergy members.

Faith, prayer and meditation, combined with other forms of spiritual coping methods and mindful practices, help ease the stresses of life.

Prayer and spiritual practice are believed by many cultures to be an important contribution people can make to their ailing loved one’s health and well-being.

Support through Prayer is an active attempt to communicate with God and can play a role for healing and well-being.

Researchers report that “spiritual meditation” has been effective in lowering heart rates and blood pressure, reducing stress and anxiety, providing a more positive mood, promoting pain management and developing stronger spirituality.

The Trebek Effect is a new term in psychology. Game show host, Alex Trebek, diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer has beaten the 18% odds of survival for one year due to the outpouring of blessings through prayers from his loving fans.

Distance Healing is defined as a conscious, dedicated act of mentation attempting to benefit another person’s physical or emotional well-being at a distance…including prayer and some forms of spiritual healing. DH includes mind-to-mind communication between patient and practitioner and some form of energy transfer techniques.

There are four vital dimensions of the human being = The emotional self, the physical self, the social self and the spiritual self. Spiritual deterrents that impede a stronger spiritual connection and spiritual growth progress are; = Anger, Fear, Isolation, and Depression.

The ultimate cause of all disease according to Traditional Chinese Medicine is Spiritual Imbalance, a lack of Spiritual Connection. Spirituality is a sense of connection and relationship that has as its premise a realm of existence that is nonmaterial from which comes the essence of what a person is.

The body has a remarkably innate ability to heal given the proper support. Integrating the Spiritual Dimension is Essential. Especially with the integration of medically, scientifically, holistic proven natural modalities.

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