Money situations used to trigger, upset and create conflict for me.  After reacting so many times in my life, it was is time to wake up and know the hidden core cause. I found out that “It’s Never about the Money”.

What are situations that trigger you still?  Circumstances will keep repeating themselves, as these fragmented aspects will continue to affect you until you address them.  Remember, Life is Your Medicine.

External pain and difficulties reflect your inner pain and fears.  Therefore, what is being mirrored to you from the outside world is something inside that has not yet been integrated or brought in full awareness to the light of consciousness.

There are primary and secondary causal aspects.  As there is always something deeper, something behind what’s being shown to us in our life experience.  The secondary is what is being shown to you from the outside and the primary is when you go inside and become aware of the gift being presented.

This is the present that is given for you to fully return back to wholeness and to remember you are awake.  Awareness is Curative, once it is discovered.

Note here the importance of The Art of Listening with Awareness.  Some core issues are hidden so well because of a trauma, conditioned beliefs, cultural habits, learned behaviors, etc., usually something we don’t really want to feel.

First, Listening within using honest self-inquiry. Secondly, having the ability to map your own energy to locate where what has been repressed and hidden is.  A Self discovery process of listening with awareness to all parts of ur being; the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, soul and spiritual parts that make us up.

Judgements fragment us into segmented parts and create Separation.  When we are not in acceptance of what is as is, whether it is something personal about our own selves or another or a situational circumstance that we dislike, then we are judging.  Just because we perceive it to be so.

When you start to energetically map and explore with honest self-inquiry, it’s like a movie or a slideshow.  Lots of things surface for you to personally become aware, after you stick with it for a while and go deeper there is usually just one root basic core cause that you discover.

When you bring that to your awareness, your consciousness releases it and it sheds away without any effort.  Whatever it was that was hidden in the darkness, now you have integrated. Once Integrated it becomes a non- issue.

Holistic Conscious Integrative Medicine

Holistic Conscious Integrative Medicine bridges the gap between Science, Spirituality and Medicine to achieve the best possible outcome for health and wellness by treating the person as a Whole, Not as Segmented Symptomatic Parts.

HCIM is made up of two branches Conscious Counseling along with the foundational modalities in Sollite Integrative Medicine,   With attention to a significant skill factor focused on the Art of Listening with Awareness through Honest Self-Inquiry and Mapping You Own Energy.

 HCIM acroymn 

H – Conscious Counseling a Holistic Psychotherapy, approach focuses on all levels of your being; physical, mental, emotional, energetic, soul, and spiritual

C Therapeutic Applications of Consciousness factors in Spirituality with aspects of Awareness reflects the importance of Consciousness as part of the equation

I – Integration of root core issues that remain hidden, repressed or suppressed in the subconscious or unconscious realms of your being;

M – Utilizing Medical Modalities grounded in scientific research, certified by the world renown Doctors who developed and founded these techniques.

Life is our Medicine it mirrors back to us what needs attention.  What is still hidden that remains repressed or suppressed in the subconscious or unconscious to awareness and integrated into the light of Consciousness.


It is important to remember Who We Truly Are, not only for our own well-being but for the Evolution of Humankind.


HCIM offers an opportunity to Experience the Alchemy of Birthing Your own Light on your self discovery experience of Truth of Remembering Who You Are.

Exploring your inner pain and difficult life situations is a unique personal process that encounters unknown territory which can be a bit scary, so it is helpful to have a skilled professional guide on your journey.

Are you ready?  The Truth Shall and Does set you Free.

SOLLITE mission is Truth.

To clearly see the Illusion of Separation for What it Really Is; A Gift and the Paradox of Duality.


Author: Rev. Dr. Anthousa Helena
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