Integrative Medicine combines the best of the worlds of Medicine and Spirituality to ensure the highest potential for the most desirable outcome for health and wellness by treating the person as a whole, not as segmented symptomatic parts.

Format: 3 month program Series includes 12 Instructional Videos along with 6 Companion Workbooks; one for each modality.

Every other week videos along with companion workbook will be emailed to you in sequential order focusing on the following subjects:

  • Color and Light = Foundational Structure
  • Awareness in the Brain = Specific Neurological Information
  • CranioSacral = Physical Level
  • Medical QiGong = Energetic Level
  • Heart & Soul Healing = Soul Level
  • Spiritual Medicine = Spiritual Level

Cost:  $399

Watch the Introductory Video

Color and Light Therapy

A medical introduction covering aspects related to the physical; researched and documented 400 different diseases and how to treat.

In the Psychological arena benefits that assist healing on the mental emotional components.

On the Spiritual level helps raise our frequency and vibration to evolve our consciousness for accelerated awakening process.

  • Human Signature
  • Light Photons – the communication network of our cells
  • Spectro-chrome
  • ColorPuncture
  • Spectral Receptivity System optometric medical device

Awareness In The Brain

Explanation of eight different brain states and how they operate and can keep us from healing and conscious awakening.

Details about two physical mechanisms in our brain, The Amygdala and Hippocampus, that store emotions, beliefs, trauma, create inner conflict, separation, feeling stuck and trapped.

  • Eight Brain States
  • Anatomical Structural Complex – built in mechanism creates separation
  • Inner War – Mujahada
  • Rewiring the Brain = Happiness – Positive Psychology
  • The STOP Method = IL – AH- HU

CranioSacral Therapy

True healing and transformation is an inside out process. Experience your own body’s inner wisdom to heal itself from the core of your being.

Tap into the consciousness of the cerebrospinal fluid that guides to correction and balance. CranioSacral Therapy is an Osteopathic Medical technique that affects all levels; physical, psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

  • Inner Physician
  • Craniosacral System
  • Cranial Bones & Sutures
  • CerebroSpinal Fluid
  • V-Spread

Medical QiGong

Experiential and Didactic workshop on the Energetic form of Traditional Chinese Medicine known as Medical QiGong.

Healing deep core mental emotional physical and spiritual issues within you and your ancestral lineage through color, light, sound and movement.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Yin/Yang Meridians
  • Acquired vs. Congenital Emotions
  • Color, Light & Sound Healing
  • MicroCosmic Orbit

Heart and Soul Healing

Disease and illness occur from two major areas; the physical and spiritual realms.

Drawn from the wisdom of Ancient Mystery School secrets a combination of Mystic Christianity, Kabbalah and Sufism utilizing the heart and soul to tap into multidimensional worlds for complete healing.

  • Clearing Techniques
  • Living Light Breath
  • Stress Resilience – Less Reactive
  • Incension
  • Soul Retrieval – Connection

Spiritual Medicine

This life-changing program helps you reclaim your Authentic Self & realize your soul purpose & divine destiny and utilizes sacred qualities and frequencies that help you heal, manifest and awaken to the Truth of Who You Are.

We will cover specific information from the Angelic + Prophetic realms and explore Being-ness as the Path of No Path.

  • Life Mastery
  • Activate & Manifest Divine Soul Plan
  • Multidimensional Worlds of Reality
  • Sacred Language
  • Divine Qualities

“This great interview with Rev. Dr. Anthousa Helena showcases her knowledge, experience and all that she skillfully brought together to form a comprehensive healing model. As an expert herself shares her personal story of healing from Sexual Trauma, then further went on to assist and train others with their own journey of healing and conscious awakening”

– Debra Graugnard, While We Were Silent