by Rev. Dr. Anthousa Helena

A long time ago I read in my research that darkness is the highest vibration, higher than the light. This notion confused me at the time and kept me questioning the true meaning. Of course, I formulated my own opinion in trying to understand what it meant. Then one day I got a glimpse of understanding on the matter. Years of research and personal experimentation led me to the black light of consciousness.

Apparently this is the stage right before one reaches the highest place of consciousness at least as it is known to man presently. It is the black void of creation where life is forming, the place where we co-create and manifest.

If you have studied some Eastern philosophies or have read anything about the path to enlightenment, you already know that there are levels of consciousness, even once you have reached enlightenment, it doesn’t end. That is the way of our Universe, it is ever-expanding and infinite. These are stages of Samadhi, as the Yogis have so clearly documented and categorized such experiences. Some have labeled this the black light or the blue/black pearl.

It was out of the darkness that everything was created and still is. Scientists look at it as the implosion of energies. As the Universe comes into itself so deeply into the darkness (the void) it then explodes outwards from within itself and creates other galaxies, universes and Life in general.

Truth is often revealed by Spirit directly through Light. Light is Awareness, it is consciousness. Mystical and spiritual leaders throughout the ages have seen light during moments of divine revelation. This happens to you as well. Pay attention to the Silence; Silence is the Key. Refer to the STOP Method which translates to Silence, Truth Oneness, Peace.

May we remember that we are just photons wearing a meat suit. We are light beings with souls in bodies and if you break us down into our basic elements, we are all made of the same star stuff, the stuff the Cosmos is made up of. We contain love, light, power, creativity, vitality, authenticity, the abilities for forgiveness, transcendence, contribution and service to humanity with a deep connection to Spirit; the Truth of Who We Really Are.

By incorporating more and more light into our bodies, our frequencies have no other mode of operation than to shift into higher dimensions. This is what is often known as the process of Ascension. The heaviness of matter is overcome as we evolve into our light bodies and begin to fully be and live in union with the Light of our Soul.

Without your soul presence, most of what runs our lives are mental constructs, accumulated blockages, fears, karmic binds, ego illusions, and seemingly inescapable traps of limiting beliefs and patterns.

The Mysterious Dark Matter

The Mysterious Dark Matter.

Posted by Hashem Al-Ghaili on Thursday, March 8, 2018