by Anthousa Helena

The shift from ME to WE consciousness is extremely important now as spiritual and cultural transformation is necessary for the survival of humanity. One way to have this happen is to let go of the narrative of your life – all of it – the past, present and future; the stories of what was, is or may be. It is imperative to move on. So be done with your stories and your narratives. In the end all stories have to dissemble themselves anyway.

Living within your own narrative is all about the ME. The Me is noisy, it is a distraction which includes a reaction. Me has no interest of what lies beyond its own self. This Me causes confusion and suffering. With its constant thread of dissatisfaction, what is the ME always wanting? Are you even aware of how it impacts your life, your environment, relationships, finances, health, not to even mention the global effect on humanity?

Suffering is inherent in ME orientation with its endless search for love, acknowledgement, greed, power, and more stuff, nothing is ever enough.  On the flip side, it is hard to suffer anymore when NOT living in your story. With all this said, let me tell you through my own experience the Me doesn’t immediately disappear. One cannot just dismiss its baggage, ignore, or command it to go away. It’s just is not like that, you have to do the inner work.

Although resolution can occur through honest self inquiry, introspection, healing and conscious awakening, this process could last weeks, months, and possibly years. What are the stories dictating your life? Be honest with yourself. No one else has to know but you. However if you’re not honest with yourself you will just keep re-looping and staying stuck in the identification with false beliefs and veiled illusions. Only you can do this work from the depths of your core being, it is your inner journey to wake up to the Truth.

Follow your natural instinct. Listen and trust your inner wisdom; observe, feel, sense, perceive, see what is hidden deep inside you, within your cellular memories, your conditioned brain and be willing to release and let go. Feelings and thoughts are the same coin with different sides and faces, give them space to identify themselves with the patterns and walls built around them. Ask yourself, do I appear to be believing that thought? Inquire and question it; maybe it is not true, maybe it is not you. Could it be a conditioned acquired belief imprinted from an old trauma, your culture, ancestry, authority figures, mass collective consciousness?

These psychological issues come up from the stuff in the hidden self. I am not saying it is easy, as this can be really messy work to face our illusionary beliefs, our own demons, and come through it to the other side in the light. Do you want to let go that much to venture that deeply to the core issues? Spirit is what transcends the personal self. Sollite offers Conscious Counseling assistance if you choose to, reach out at

Nevertheless, whatever your choice, try not being hard on yourself during your process. Look at it all without judgement and shame. (In actuality judgement is a form of going unconscious). Try not to be harsh with yourself as we all fall down and get back up again. Avoid as much as possible blame, punishment and grudges. It isn’t helpful and like pouring iodine onto an open wound. It can be an arduous process, so tender self care will make it easier to go through. Be kind, merciful, compassionate, and loving to yourself, these are the things to remember.

More often than not there are times we need to ask for help and assistance from someone else we fully trust and/or a professional who has already been on their own journey of healing and awakening. I know I have, often paying a high price to do so. But what is the cost of truth? Is it not worth it or shall I say, what is the cost of remaining living in a lie. That cost to me is worse. I would rather give it my all to live in truth. Are you also willing to do so?

I find it makes it easier to remember I am not the only one. We are all alike. I am like everyone else. All of humanity is in the same game, no one escapes it. See Life from God’s Eyes with the wisdom of WE consciousness and eventually the ME will be set FREE.