by Anthousa Helena

The “Mirroring Theory” states that what is presented before you is your own reflection. The law of parsimony states that what we create within us is always mirrored outside of us and reflected back to us. As well as the physiological law of paramagnetism states, “you attract to you what you are giving off.”

I notice when I am feeling good about myself, then people I encounter are joyful and happy in return. On the other hand, if I am frustrated or negative about myself, than the people I meet are negative and unhappy in return. If we have the attitude and energetic vibration of coming from love, that is what we attract to us naturally.

Every day I am presented with relational challenges. Just like me, we all have relationship issues. Most of the time, we are working to be responsible, but we are looking at it from a place that cannot see what needs to be done. If in fact, anything needs to be done at all.

When we are absent from the present moment, there is something to do to fix something we think is wrong. When we are present, there is nothing to do but just be. Try it out and see what happens when you allow yourself to be in the flow with life where existence is creating you!

For me, when I am feeling at one with myself and not feeling separate from others, my experience is that there is one heartbeat in the universe. When in the mind, we loose sight of the heart. When in the heart, we are out of our mind. Mind has a million answers and the heart has no questions. When we are absent from the present moment, we are in our minds, when we are in the moment, we are in our hearts.

Our clarity, love, and freedom lies in the space between our initial perception and our mind’s considerations. It is ‘the gap‘ in the moment before we have a choice to respond or react to any given situation. This gap, this space of inner knowing, is the most potent aspect of being receptive to the presents life gifts us in relationship in life. There is no other curriculum except what is on the plate before us. Whatever is there is ultimate perfection.

In each moment, I ask myself: How well am I presently ‘R-E-LATING’, am I coming from my heart reflecting love and light? We are life, we are not living life. Allow life to live you.

Be in Love and Harmony with your moments and that is what will be reflected back to you. Everything begins at home so Love yourself and you will be assured to have loving relationships in return.