By Rev. Dr. Anthousa Helena

Dearest friend of many lifetimes:

I have been waiting for an inspirational moment to write to you and now the feeling is right.

Information and Situations arise in our lifetimes at the ideal moment in time and space when we ourselves are ready to accept them to grow and learn.  I am now developing my trust and faith in this universal phenomena.

We also hang on to our blocks as well, until such times when we are ready to release and break through to the unknown which lies ahead as our destiny.  We can feel secure in knowing that there is no accident in our lives.  All of this leading us back to our Father, Creator.  All we need do is want and ask – so we shall be led.

There is no order of difficulty in Miracles.  Our energy is truly one and needs constantly nourished to remind us of Who we really are.  The Ego battle is indeed great but also Illusionary.

I am looking forward to our union in meeting once again.  My dearest Brother.