by Anthousa Helena

In today’s societies it is fashionable to be in pursuit of enlightenment.  There is an incredible amount of diversity available today, and most seekers are scattered not knowing where to look next, but always searching for the missing key.  Of course, it is OK to study all the systems you would like.  That is your free will, and there is certainly some value to it.

The majority of seekers take convoluted paths of lateral movement.  Searching from timeless teachings of mystery schools to modern brain machines; from new age music to mysticism; from Eastern religions to Western religions; from ancient civilizations to aliens.  Is there some enrichment? Of course there is.  But in the end, enlightenment is still elusive, and the seeker is left still wondering about life after decades of searching.

Ideas of enlightenment apply to a lot of different spiritual practices and can create illusions or confusion of what enlightenment is.  Every illusion has a core of followers. The mind creates illusions about who and what you are, and they run very wide and deep.  So you find a confusing choice of options to distract you from your goal – your own truth.  God wants you to live so strongly in your truth, that no one could ever throw you out of it with any illusion.

Every time someone throws their emotions at you it is a test for you to see if you can maintain the love within you that is the core essence of your being. If you get hooked by the other person’s emotions, you loose your center and your love, and become entangled with the same like emotion or thinking.  This further encases you in the illusions of the lower emotion or belief.

Realize that you and only you, are the creator and the prime authority for your life, in spite of all other external appearances.    Since you have free will, you can choose what to think and how to live.  You must become neutral – unaffected by victory or defeat, profit or loss, joy or sorrow, hot or cold, honor or dishonor, or any other pairs of opposites.  Be lovingly detached.

When you are equal-minded you will experience joy and feelings of love and satisfaction regardless of outer circumstances.  When you reach this state, others can no longer hook you with their emotions or illusions.  This is a very high way to live, and brings great freedom with it.  No longer being pushed around by the projections of everyone around you or by letting their illusions rule and create your reality.

And what if we were to commit ourselves totally and completely to that?  What if we were willing to clear the veils of illusion that cover our hearts from the full experience of our Divinity our True Being?  This is not a commitment for those only seeking relief of suffering.  It is a much deeper and fuller commitment.

The path of surrender is the fastest and safest path to enlightenment.  It is the fastest because it goes directly to God, and it is the safest because it is not encumbered with dogma, doctrine or mythology; it is the purest form of spirituality.  Surrender is the highest and most important practice you can possibly undertake.  Go through your life and give up, release and surrender everything you can think of.  Surrender means having no desires separate from the one desire to fully surrender to ‘the God of your own understanding.’  It means offering up everything you say, think and do to God, as well as what will be done, when it will be done, and how it will be done

Your energy field is formed by your thoughts, and your thoughts create energy patterns in your subtle bodies.  These energy patterns create and attract conditions and situations based on the character and quality of those thoughts.  Each person is individualized with unique qualities, colors, purposes, and vibrations. Your personality is made up of your physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies but also within you is your heart and within your heart center is your soul, and within your soul is God.

For a great majority of you, your way of life is not natural to your soul. What happens in the process of life experiences is that our soul becomes caught in the personality, which, in turn, gets caught in illusions that are characteristic of the physical dimension.  We become distorted by these experiences of limitations such as pain, suffering and disease. In general, humans have lost contact with and remembrance of their divine nature.  You still possess this knowledge in the deep recesses of your heart and soul.

There is a certain amount of illumination that happens through the mind and a different focus of illumination that happens through the heart which is talked about considerably in the Buddhic, Vedantic and Sufi paths.  Enlightenment of the mind is incomplete without the enlightenment of the heart.

Your life is your (Self) Mastery program.  Your sacred heart is the supreme intelligence of your soul.  Open up step by step to your Divinity; through Truth you find Oneness – the field in which all states of consciousness exit.  Spend some period of time each day, in meditation or contemplation for the purpose of exploring your “True Self.”

This requires a process of (1) remembrance, (2) prayer and, (3) commitment to living a pure and respectful life.  Even Jesus said, “Of myself I can do nothing.”    There are three thousand recorded names for God:  Elohim, Brahman, Supreme Creator, Atma, Christos, HaShem, Divinity, Source, Jehovah, Adonai,  Allah, Ra, El Shadday, Yahweh, Aum, Love and so on.  Choose the name that for you holds the essence of ‘the God of your own understanding.’  Repeating this name for an hour keeps your mind from wandering and keeps you focused on the highest aspects.

This remembrance of God will dissolve the negative traits in your life.  Clearing your emotional and mental bodies of old belief systems that no longer serve you and keep you in your present limitations. Your life can totally change in a matter of hours.  When the clearing is done with these techniques they are cleared forever.  From that place there will be no disease, no suffering, no lack, no pain, no separation.  There will simply be the essence of deep love, peace, and beauty.  Now you live in the truth of who you are. This search for Truth could open up a life for you of great delight and wonder that is beyond even your wildest dreams.

Anthousa Helena, a professional for 43 years, is Nationally Board Certified and State Licensed with a Doctorate in Spiritual Counseling and Energy Psychology,  She is the Founder of SOLLITE which utilizes the ‘Light of the Soul’ for healing and conscious awakening.