by Anthousa Helena

Have you noticed the things you try over and over again to change about yourself are the hardest to change and most often they never do? Life is tough, it has its challenges, no one escapes them. It is the tumultuous nature of existence. I understand totally, I have had my own tragedies through life experiences. I am an expert in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder healing from abuse and sexual trauma. For my personal story review book “While We Were Silent” at

We all have woundings but it is best if we don’t allow them to control our lives. Which is why releasing what does not serve us from the past: experiences, stories, pain, relationships, etc, is so very important. Remember, nothing happens to us we have not agreed to, we are not victims. It is best to use wounding experiences to grow into more of who we want to become, the best version of ourselves. I am committed to doing so, stumbles and all.

Our body actually rebels against the mind and screams out “I am not well!”, “I am off balance!”, “something is wrong!”. There is a sickness inside all of us the truth of which cannot be ignored. A chaos that creates an inner war, a nagging constant inner conflict which keeps us stuck in the illusion of separation. Only when we know what ails us can we hope to find the cure.

My advice: Let go of trying to do anything to change your experience or struggling to control it. Just notice it, as often times you can’t make or force something to happen but you can See it. There is power in merely observing with your own feeling sense perception. This brings you in touch with you just Being vs. Doing (taking action with your mind). Letting go of the Doer opens up a space for you to get in touch with the Heart where your inner knowing abides.

Letting go transcends the survival instinct along with the biological imprints embedded within our cellar memories and other realms that inhabit us as a living organism. The art of purification leads to the heart and releases the veils of illusion which have built walls that block an entry point inside. Purification through letting go allows the heart to become more open with readily available access to your inner wisdom.

Humans are the only species capable of self reflection. Once you have seen the Truth you cannot undo it and go back into illusion of falsity. Sensing and Feeling is the way through it, vs. the venue of using the mind intellect, to resolve and truly know. We must incorporate the use of the heart to heal and consciously awaken. The combination of intellectual gnosis from the mind with the knowing heart is a most effective powerful tool.

The Purification of Letting Go results in:

  • Your Emotional Environment Changes
  • Noticing Our Experiences find there own Resolution
  • Realization of Not having to Fix yourself
  • Gaining the Wisdom that unfolds out of Life Experiences
  • Your Perspective and the Way you View Life Shifts

The path of no path is Accept and Surrender. Give up control and give up trying to figure things out. Let everything be as it is. Stop looking for a meaning with the mind to grasp onto as the underlying meaning goes so much deeper than the mind can comprehend. Knowledge through Being is realization which is very different than intellectual knowing which comes from the Doer Mind. This is your soul’s journey back to spirit to Remember the Truth of Who You Really Are; Divine Beings having a Human Experience.

Learn your lessons through your life experiences because Life is your Medicine for healing and conscious awakening.