Beliefs create our reality.  They may be your interpretation of who you are or your interpretation of what others think of you.  Beliefs are manifested in the conscious and subconscious mind.  The mind must be free of certain beliefs before insight can occur.  A quality of this insight is that one acquires the ability to live in the present moment and see the ‘whole’, rather than the ‘parts’.

Being present bring us broader vision to perceive, receive and use our intuitive ability to discern, to beware or be aware.  There is no limit to the kinds of changes that awareness can produce.  It restores balance wherever it is allowed to flow freely.  You can heal any imbalance by simply being present and open to receive.

My life has taken me down many paths.  They all eventually converged on the fundamental importance of being present and aware.  Our state of presence, and the expression that flows from it, have by far the most potent affects.  The magic of life is continually being brought to us as a ‘Present’ in each moment.  Life is our ‘Gift’.

The Light Of Our Soul is our spiritual nature that radiates from inside of us outward to the world that we live in.  The Soul is our vehicle, our connection to the Divine that gives us the ability to live in the realm of spirit, and yet remain connected and balanced with Earth and at the same time travel through multidimensional cosmic realms.  We are magnificent beings of light.