The Heart of Listening is the laying on of hands with a focus on the energy field. The energy field is the connection with spirit. CranioSacral work was developed by William Sutherlands while at osteopathic school in 1899 which he called “cranial osteopathy.” He refers repeatedly to God and Spirit, his extraordinary skills in touch and perception was not simply the cranioSacral mechanism but with working in conjunction with the Soul.

It is like meditating together with you client, creating a sacred space where people can enter that higher state of consciousness and then waiting until the inner knowing place in your client meets you and tells you what to do. You clients sense of inner connection to Self can be achieved and enhanced. They can re-establish their contact with the Core of their being. Their own Soul’s Light.

Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual distress results from being disconnected with one’s higher self. This work is an alternative path for people who have lost their spiritual way. It is a very valuable resource to assist others in awakening, raising and affecting change in levels of consciousness. The psyche is multi-dimensional and is not just an electrical energy field around the body. The auric field stores information and has its own innate intelligence that can be communicated with.

When intuitive skills are practiced we create a physical environment that holds a higher subtle energetic vibration. This alone enhances the power of healing to occur. Simple daily practices for actualizing intuition are:

  1. Become still and quiet the mind
  2. Integrate through alignment with Spirit
  3. Breathe-exhale with intention of letting go of old and inhale filling with new fresh life force energy
  4. Surrender to what Is
  5. Create flow within the stillness removing blockages
  6. Clear yourself of other people’s energies (it is common to carry within and around the physical body the thoughts, ideas, and emotions of other), and
  7. Call back and reclaim your own energy. Know thyself and then follow your heart.


The body is always seeking homeostasis; in other words, the body is self healing. Healing is the movement of energy that promotes wellness and harmony of the body/mind/emotions and spirit. The bottom line in all healing methods concerns relationships. Demands renewed effort towards improving relations whether it is to the environment, one’s personal environment, one’s business or work, one’s outside activities one’s associates and friends, one’s family and home or towards one’s own inner (higher) Self.

In today’s society patients want instant relief however in holistic health the cure is usually lengthier and often can be more painful to go through depending on the presenting problem. Many people are not willing to put up with the discomfort to heal or go through the healing process. Only if they are ready and prepared to give it can healing take place. The client must be willing to change and let go of secondary gains and/or stop the continuation of indulgences that create their illnesses.

We, as Healers, neither cure nor heal. We help people to help themselves. In reality we are discussing the art of Self-Healing. “It is the Soul alone that heals the form.” (Alice Bailey, ‘Esoteric Healing’) A healer is a conduit only, standing in between the two worlds. The true healer works within ‘the consciousness’, the intuitive faculty of the inner knowing, from that Source we can draw much information.

When a patient first comes in front of us, one attunes and aligns with the Source and then to the Soul of the patient. The Source in one’s own understanding of God and whatever that individually means, we must ourselves search alone for that meaning; it is a journey that is always taken alone. Be rooted in and know your own Self; “To Thy Own Self Be True!” Cease to evaluate you healing capabilities by any of the responses from anyone you meet. Do not absorb everybody’s stuff (energy thought forms, etc.), do not try to be anyone’s savior, do not allow them to suck you energy and dry you out or take on their illness.

As healers we do not play to the illness of the patient, they are playing into their own illness enough themselves. You are not responsible for them, only to your own self. Educate the,, help them to let go and assist them towards illumination. Spirit is never sick and never limited. Unite the patient with their own Spirit by using the Light of their Soul. Self scan before and after each healing to clear yourself and call back your own energy.

Have a good knowledge of anatomy and know which part of the spine is connected with which organs via the nervous system. Become a pure and holy channel for God through your own daily practices. Discover yourself, your own hidden power and hidden potential that live inside of you waiting to be your Beloved. There is only oneness, no separation.

The path of surrender is releasing the separation caused by the ego – edging God out. Within our hearts is the place where all solutions and answers live and each and every one of us has that inner knowing if we would just take the time to listen and then respond accordingly with appropriate right action. All seekers of vision have walked this path. We first look at ourselves honestly and see clearly what reality shows us then take truthful, authentic action to resolve what is causing disharmony in our live.

This journey takes us through the darkness of our most difficult feelings and obstacles to a sense of profound alignment with who we really are. The path to enlightenment occurs when we are willing to say “Yes” to that which is our life’s experience exactly as it presented to us in the Now. Allowing ourselves to totally accept and embrace what is there before us as it is without trying to change it or deny it. We must open ourselves up to the powers of observation and listen to our own inner knowing with wisdom, courage and integrity to ourselves and others around us. Honor and respect is the key.

Rise above and ascend the illusions that plague and tempt us to turn our heads and compromise. Love the “Shadow” as well as the Light, what only appears to be bad or good is ultimately the same. We are spirit experiencing being human and need to learn the art of becoming the ‘who’ we are instead of the ‘what’ we do are. It takes complete trust and surrender to allow the ‘who’ we are to lead and guide our lives. Consciousness is awareness of this continual process in each and every moment. “Seek Ye the Kingdom of Heaven Within”, and you will find it.

Your real self is light and consciousness. The body is simply a projection of that invisible light within. Changing the inside changes our outside perception and experience of the way we interact with life and world around us. Illness manifests when there is a need to change a negative thought or behavioral problem. Negative thoughts or actions create a state of energy imbalance and left untreated will eventually develop into what we refer to as a disease. Most illness develops in the emotional or mental bodies of our being long before it manifests as a result of showing itself in physical symptoms. The ultimate cure is that the person becomes fully responsible for their own being.

The underlying problem is that they must make changes in their lives. The obstacle is that one must truly want to change one’s lifestyle, negative thought patterns and behavioral actions. It is vital to treat the whole person as a multi-dimensional being not just limited to only the five senses. For example our Etheric Body vibrates at a higher rate links into the atmosphere around the planet; the Astral Body vibrates with our moods; the Mental Body is our vibrations of thought patterns; and the Causal Body is connected to our Karma and our purpose and destiny on the Earth.

We must take all this in consideration while working with our clients to help them journey into themselves and contact the “Core” of their issues of relational disharmony which causes them ill health. We need to treat the problem at its “Source” and not provide a band aide effect of treating the symptoms only.

Brain wave patterns reflect various consciousness levels of awareness. Healing is no more than a change in consciousness resulting from a change in the frequency of our brain wave patterns. This event of changing brain wave patterns produces a pathway into the supra-conscious state of mind and a transformational experience often results, transcending our old way of thinking, behaving and perceiving life. The use of strobic light through the eyes affecting the brain functioning centers affects the brain wave frequencies. Let me explain further how this works.

The conscious mind is the gross level of brain function, the subconscious is the subtle and the unconscious is the causal. The supra conscious-unconscious mind is where there are no thoughts, no mind and where we experience universal oneness, which comes from the purity of the heart connection where there is no separation, only Unity. This last state of awareness is what is commonly termed as ‘enlightenment’.