A spiritual break is a common outcome of trauma. Trauma separates you from your Self and causes a split. Every human being experiences some sense of separation from Higher Self but with traumatic events the human ego disconnects the logical mind from the compassionate heart in order to survive.

Neurological and physiological patterning, memories and beliefs about traumatic events become interwoven into the foundational identity of ourselves and beliefs about the world. It affects relationships, impacting our ability to trust self or others. It skews the sense of boundaries as well as understanding and valuing our sacred space.

It sets the nervous system on high alert and locks it into survival mode because what you believed about yourself and the world has been shatter. It is a painful existence, with feelings of emptiness, disconnection, aloneness, abandonment, shame, self blame, powerlessness; afraid to be seen, to take up space or have a right to exist, like you don’t matter.

Furthermore traumatic memories are handed down from generation to generation through genetic coding and DNA stored on a cellular level. It is a collective problem with deep roots.

It is not something that goes away on its own with time. Healing must come through all levels, physical, psycho-emotional, energetic, and spiritual; orchestrated by Divine Grace for our awakening and transformation.

At a very early age I went through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse. I feel that the biggest injurious effect was a spiritual break; the connection that broke within my spirit. My reality and relationship to God and myself changed and shattered. It caused long standing chaos in my life with much time spent feeling lost, confused, without proper guidance and direction, just plain not really knowing what to do. I was unable to have intimacy or any real connection to self or to others which reinforced a disconnect with my own Higher Self and Spirit.

In the long run, it was a great gift! I do believe, especially people that have been through trauma, it becomes our greatest gift to give. You may have heard the adage, the greater the wound, the greater the gift and ability you have to help others and humanity as a whole.

We presently live in a world of duality. Our brains are physically wired that way as humans. It happens to be a built in stress mechanism aimed to help us survive. The Survival Instinct is a powerful innate force within each and everyone of us. It is known as the “fight, flight, or freeze” mode in our autonomic nervous system. When we are stressed, this mechanism kicks into action to keep us alive. When chronically stressed it develops into PTSD abbreviated psychological term known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. You just get into this high level of continual stress that cannot be turned off. Meaning your nervous system is always vibrating at the most intense level of being on alarm, always over reacting too quickly.

During my internship in graduate school studying psychology I learned that in the 1950’s an endocrinologist, scientist and medical doctor; Dr. Hans Selye had discovered that we actually have a mechanism that creates the illusions of separation.

This mechanism inside our brain is located anatomically in the cranial fourth ventricle in the middle of our head. It actually creates the illusion of separation, and is made up of a complex of structures that store all our fears, belief systems, conditioned habits, traumas, and memories.

Know that we are physically made up this way, all of us. So it’s not just what you are personally struggling with, it is the human condition that all of humanity faces on a global scale. In Sufism is it known as Al-Mujahada; “The Great Inside War.” Then add on abuse to that and it becomes even more of a challenge to overcome.

We need to learn how to calm our nervous systems down and respond appropriately instead of over react. I call that becoming less reactive. I quote in teaching stress resilience three parts: Know your mind, Train your mind, Free your mind.

The mission of SOLLITE is to heal the illusion of separation, which is this mechanism causing duality in our brain that is our human makeup. Actually, I feel the illusion of separation is the global illness of humanity. It causes disease, a global epidemic. It’s part of the human path, the path of humanity, to heal and become one at peace within our own selves and within the world at large. When we can rise above it back to our Divinity then we can see the world differently. We must view and experience the world from a higher state of consciousness; so we are being in the world but not of it.

Part of mending my spiritual brokenness was with my doctorate dissertation; because my spiritual connection is what really broke in me from abuse. I knew for me the answer was, I needed to connect back to the Truth of who I Am, a Divine Spiritual being, which I strongly feel we all need.

Remember the Truth of Who We Really Are, Divine beings having a human experience. It was my process in developing SOLLITE Integrative Medicine. The common denominator I found, besides love of course, is Light. Things can appear outwardly dark at times in the world. It may appear like it looks bad but only because the dark side has to bubble up and somehow unite to integrate with the light. It is like a bright spotlight shining so the dark areas can no longer find a place to hide anymore. It’s got to be seen, so that it can be integrated, so that the Unity can come about.

I developed a professional training based on series of courses which build upon one another for this ultimate goal. I’m not going to get into explaining my professional work offering private conscious counseling sessions and Integrative Medicine training programs: for more detailed information go to www.sollite.com.

We do need to have what I call “Honest Self-Inquiry”. It’s when we look inside within ourselves and become familiar with those various inner voices and thoughts and use discernment on what you choose to listen to. Learn to reconnect to our spirit and know that our ability to love and be loved is our birthright.

What I’m saying to all of you that are still struggling. There is a special jewel still hidden inside underneath those wounds that is wanting to come forth in service to humanity. You’ve already survived the worst part, so you can make it through to the other side. Your special jewel within yourself once awakened will end up empowering you. It really is worth it to live the life you deserve, a life of beauty from ashes.

Here is a reminder: “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” So do the best you can and believe things will change because change is inevitable. “Faith is not believing that God can; It is knowing that He Will”.

Rev. Dr. Anthousa Helena, founder of SOLLITE Integrative Medicine, is both Nationally Certified, State Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Massage Therapist with a Doctorate in Divinity specialized in Spiritual and Energy Psychology. With 43 years of professional experience her mission is to heal the illusion of separation by remembering the Truth of Who We Really Are; Utilizing Integrative Medicine to bridge the gap between Medicine and Spirituality.

Rev. Dr. Anthousa Helena; LMHC, LMT, D.Div. – for more detailed information go to www.sollite.com and for book go to amazon.com/author/anthousahelena

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