Light and Sound Codes

To see things from our Self inside creates a deep transformation to our own wholeness.  A personal journey that leads us back home, back to our center, to our true self. It unites the visible and the invisible realms and reveals the reality of the interconnectedness of all things.

There are estimated 3000 Divine Qualities/Names/Attributes recorded.  2000 of which are known only by the Prophets and Angels.  The remainder are written in the Torah, the Quran and the Bible with 300 specifically found in the Psalms of David.


OM (A U M) – the first original sound

NUR – the first original light

These codes move and resonate throughout our entire being.  They touch precisely that spot  imprinted in the subconscious and soul where our core separation wound resides.

Learn to explore Divine Light and Sound Codes which are Sacred Qualities of vibratory frequency that assist to heal, manifest, awaken and strengthen connection with Source.

  • Importance for using Sacred Language
  • Transmission of Light & Sound Codes
  • Reason and Paradox for Duality
  • Deeper Levels of Existence

Meets weekly for one month – 90 minute Live Online Teaching with Q & A.

“The true aim of prayer and meditation is not the fulfillment of our wishes.  Rather, it is to transform our will so that it may unite with the Divine will.  Then Divine will can flow through our soul and transform us so that we accept our fate as our own choice.”  – Iqbal