Integrative Medicine

Modalities for the Physical, Energetic & Spiritual Levels of Our Being

Integrative Medicine involves treating a person as a whole, not as segmented symptomatic parts.

Medical journals acknowledge that, “Spirituality is an integral dimension of human beings and has been recognized as a critical factor in the health and well-being of patients.”

With Integrative Medicine you combine the best of both Medicine and Spirituality knowing that you are doing everything possible to ensure the highest potential for your most desirable outcome for health and wellness.

Research indicates there is usually some suffering from stress, loss, or pain preceding the onset of illness.  This stress negatively impacts the body’s immune responses.  Hidden within the subconscious these stresses, repressed traumas, painful emotions, erroneous beliefs, and internal sufferings are truly responsible for disease.  It is imperative to find these direct issues or root causes within the subconscious that eventually manifest into disease.

Everyone carries baggage passed down by genetics, ancestors, culture, parents and childhood that causes hidden havoc in our lives.  Additionally, our brains are wired to operate in duality; made up of structures that hold beliefs, trauma, memories, conditioned behaviors, fear and anger, all to protect us from danger and harm.  These trigger our nervous system into a stress response reaction of fight, flight or freeze.  It is our natural instinct to survive however we do not want to get stuck in survival mode, as this high level stress response causes illness.

Conventional Medicine works with the outer expressions of a disorder to evaluate and protect your physical body.  However, in most cases, this outer care misses the underlying factors anchoring disease in place.  Spiritual healing addresses the inner dimension of illness.  Healing can occur when one identifies and transforms both the inner and outer dimensions of illness together to bring about complete balanced integrated health.

Consciously bridging the gap between Medicine and Spirituality and acknowledging that a Holistic Medical Approach proves the importance that Consciousness needs to be part of the equation to assist ourselves, our clients, and humanity as a whole.