Remember to P A S 4 Peace
Accept Everything in Life that Comes to you


The space of the void of Nothingness is also the space of Infinite Possibilities. I cannot explain it to you – it is for you to experience yourself, as it is individual and unique onto oneself.

Remembering Who You Are is Key.

When mind is still and in composure in silent awareness you recognize who you are, the fact that You are Awareness itself.

Awareness is a state of mind that requires training and cultivation. Mindfulness depends on being Aware.

Subjects in this series:

  •  Mindfulness
  •  Awareness
  •  Meditation
  •  Stress Response
  •  Mind/Body Medicine
  •  Conscious Counseling
  •  Sollite Integrative Medicine


  • Attune and Work with your own Inner GPS
  • Become less Reactive and more Receptive
  • Ways to Reduce stress

Format: Receive 5 Instructional Videos with a Companion Workbook

Cost: $99

“The true aim of prayer and meditation is not the fulfillment of our wishes.  Rather, it is to transform our will so that it may unite with the Divine will.  Then Divine will can flow through our soul and transform us so that we accept our fate as our own choice.”  – Iqbal

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